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If you want to grow your career or simply make yourself known online
you should go with those who have already done it… not with those who only know the theory.​ masterclass.png

$1,995 USD (First 10 slots)
Next Price: $2,500 USD

Don't pass up this opportunity to take your career to the next level.

“There are many artists with great potential to be successful in the music industry, they just need the right knowledge, tools and contacts to take their project to the next level”
Mr Goodwill

Topics to be discussed during the Mastermind

  • Digital Platforms: how to position your music on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Audiomack and more.

  • Strategic Planning: an artist is successful because he is clear about where he is, where he wants to go and moves in a continuous direction towards that vision. To get there, you must penetrate the market in a strategic and measurable way.

  • Disruptive marketing: the way in which a musical project manages to make a difference and position itself goes beyond simply making ads on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Strategies must be executed that break the schemes of the music industry and contribute to growing your fan base.

  • Influencer Marketing: the right strategy with content creators can be decisive for the success of your career.

  • Viralization of content: what are the elements of a viral video? How can we contribute to the viralization of content?

  • How does a record label operate?: The leaders in record labels will teach you how a record label works, what steps you must follow to have the support of one and when is the right time to sign.

  • Royalties & copyrights: How and where to collect all your royalties? How to make the most of this source of income?

  • Finances in the music industry: Expense and income projections are essential for the profitable development of an artistic project. They will teach you to properly structure the projections of your project.

  • Awaken your potential: We will not only play songs from the music industry, we seek to awaken your maximum potential this weekend so that you can leave with the determination to execute your plan and achieve your goals.




- Entrepreneur and leader, featured in Shark Tank and TED Talk.

- Expert in Tecnology and Crypto. "New ways to earn income and promote yourself in the music music business"



- Professional in music business from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, and has worked in the industry for several years with artists such as Sech, Alex Rose, Beéle, Darkiel, Messiah, Sinego, among others.

IMG-4434 (1).jpg


- Lawyer of Lorduy (Piso 21), Kevin Roldan, Josman, and more.

- Music Business leader,  educator and consultant in Latam with several successful courses.



- Audiomack Director (Streaming Platform)

- Worked for years with the great  Akon

- Music Business Mogul.



- Music Marketing Expert that worked with several succesful rappers in the US.

- Professor for years in one of the top Universisties for Music Business in the world.


Don't pass up this opportunity to take your career to the next level.

$1,995 USD (First 10 slots)

Why Goodwill?

Mr. Goodwill is a music business professional from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida (United States), and has worked in the industry for several years with emerging and established artists throughout Latin America.

His main focus is on strategic planning (traditional and digital), positioning on social networks and streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. Over the years he has brought together the best experts in each area of the industry, equipping himself with the best professionals to take an artist's career to the next level.

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